Who we are

Developers and co company Ltd makes it easy to find and decide on your first or next vehicle, with thousands of quality, low -mileage used and new vehicles from USA, Canada and some parts of Europe


Impressive Skills

We are passionate about what we do and we strive by the day to bring all our skills and expertise to play.

Effective Communication
Time Management

Other Things we Do

We bring other interesting services to you. Contact us for more details

Car Dealership

Buying and Shipping of cars on behalf of clients

Real Estate

Sales and Rental of Apartments and Houses


Animal Farming, Sugar Plantation and Orange Farm.

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The Buying Process

Buying your dream car for you follows just these simple processes listed below..

Choose your Car


We Buy & Ship


We Clear


We Deliver


Something for you

Passionate about doing business with us but have some questions on your mind? Check Out our FAQ's

Whats the time period for car to arrive in Ghana?

6 to 8 Weeks

How much does the whole process cost?

It depends on the car and also the duty varies

What is the payment structure?

Full payment for buying, towing and shipping and Clearing will be taken when the car gets to the port.